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Service provider/seller/owner

The contact information of any service provider is found in the property/service description on the property/service page. It is also found in the confirmation of reservation email.


The client

The client commits to follow these terms and conditions when she/he purchases or rents properties or services on Hardelo Oy’s online platform.

Terms of Reservation


These terms are applied to any properties/services that are available for renting or reserving.



  • The client is responsible for familiarize herself/himself with the property/service description and any instructions, terms and conditions.

  • The reservation is binding when the confirmation of reservation and payment are sent to client’s email address.

  • The client pays the reservation with her/his choice of payment method and agrees to follow the terms and conditions of the payment provider/method.

  • The reservation system sends reservation and payment confirmation emails to the client.

  • Hardelo Oy is not responsible for any failed reservation. The client should be in contact with the service provider specified in the property/service description.

  • Hardelo Oy cannot guarantee that the property/service is still available after a failed reservation.

  • If the property/service is not available, the money is returned or a similar property/service is offered to the client.


Cancellations and changes


  • The cancellation date is when the service provider has received the information about the cancellation. The client is responsible for sending the cancellation in time.

  • If the client cancels the reservation:

    • 14 days before of the starting date of the accommodation, the full price is returned.

    • 0-14 days before the starting date of the accommodation, the return is not possible and the whole rental price is charged.

  • The owner’s rights to cancel the reservation:

    • In case of a force majeure, Hardelo Oy has right to cancel the reservation. The tenant is immediately informed about the situation.

    • The tenant will be fully refunded.

    • Any other costs incurring to the client because of the cancellation caused by the force majeure are not covered.



  • Information about the key and instructions how it is collected are included in the payment confirmation email.

  • The client returns the key according to the instructions. As a default, the key is returned to the same place where it was collected.

  • If a key is lost or not returned, the service provider is allowed to charge all incurring costs that might be caused by renewing or changing the lock mechanisms to assure security (minimum 50 euros).

  • The service provider is allowed to charge minimum 50 euros if she/he is needed to come open the door for the client in cases of losing the key or forgetting it inside the property.


Use of property


  • The client is allowed to use the property during the time that was specified in the property description.

  • During the rental period, the client has right to use the property, its equipment and possibly separately specified services. If the client notices any shortages, should she/he immediately contact the owner.

  • The client is responsible for taking care of the property, its cleanliness and taking the trash to the bin during the rental period and when the rental period ends. The client is responsible to clean the property in the same condition when it was when the rental period started.

  • The final cleaning can also the ordered from Hardelo Oy.

  • If the client has not taken care of the property and left it in condition that requires external assistance to repair or clean it, the service provider is allowed to fully charge the realized costs from the client (minimum 100 euros).

  • Pets

    • The client is fully responsible for her/his pet and obliged to cover any damages that the pet might cause to the property.

    • All pets must be on a leash in the National Park area.

    • It is not allowed to leave a pet in the property without supervision.

    • Clients with pets should be extra careful with the cleanliness of the property. The property is always inspected and cleaned again if any shortcomings are found.

    • Owner of a pet should always ask and/or follow any specific information that might be given.

  • Important information

    • Note that only the people living in the property are allowed to sleep on the property. Sleeping in a car or tent in the property is not allowed and causes cancellation of the property.

    • Visits by others than the people living in the property are not allowed without the permission of the service provider.

  • Special terms and conditions regarding to rental equipment

    • The client is obliged to familiarize herself/himself with the manuals and instructions provided. Any equipment should only be used for its conventional and customary use. Rental equipment cannot be taken outside of the country nor can it be subrented. The service provider is allowed to limit the use of rental equipment. The renter should never use the rental equipment in an environment that exceeds her/his skill level. The renter herself/himself is always fully responsible for using any rental equipment.

    • Rental equipment should always be returned before the end of rental period to the place that was agreed with the service provider. All rental equipment should always be cleaned and be in similar condition as it was in the beginning of the rental period.

    • The renter should immediately report to the service provider if the return will be late. The service provider is allowed to charge an additional fee of 50 % of the original rental price if nothing else is agreed.

    • The renter is obliged to compensate any damage to the rental equipment that is caused by incorrect or careless use. If any rental equipment is destroyed or lost, the renter is obliged to cover the acquisition costs of a new equivalent or similar equipment. The renter is also fully responsible to follow all the laws and rules that are related to transport or security of rental equipment. Any deficiencies should be reported immediately to the service provider.

    • The service provider is responsible for normal wear and tear of rental equipment. The service provider is not responsible for any incurring costs or harm to the renter that are caused by broken rental equipment. The service provider is not obliged to deliver a new equipment if the original equipment breaks or gets damaged during the use. The service provider is not responsible to cover any incurring direct or indirect costs or harm that are caused if the original equipment breaks or gets damaged during the use.


  • The client is responsible for compensate any damage that she/he causes to the property. The client is also responsible for any damage that any other person of the visiting group might cause.

  • The service provider is not responsible for any costs that the weather or other natural environment might cause. This includes, but does not limit to insects, animals, frost heave or other unexpected weather phenomena.



  • Any complaints should be filed or reported promptly after the reason of the complaint appeared.

  • If the partners are unable to find a sastisfying solution or the client requires a refund claim, a written complaint should be delivered to the service provider within one month from the end date of the rental period.

  • The service provider should process the complaint promptly and provide the answer within a month.

  • If the partners cannot reach an agreement, the client can take the case to the Consumer Disputes Board


Terms of delivery

 Concluding the contract


  • The contract is binding when the order is confirmed by the service provider (confirmation of reservation/payment)

  • Confirmation of reservation/payment are delivered to the client by email.


Cancellation and refund


  • The products have 14-day return right according to the Consumer Protection Act.

  • The return right is only valid if the product is in the same condition as a new. This includes the packaging.

  • You should contact the service provider for more detailed information about the returns.

  • The return right doesn’t include tailored or customized products, accommodation services, restaurant services or other time-specified leisure services or activities.




  • We comply with the warranty defined by the producer or importer.




  • The delivery costs include shipping and packaging costs. You can see the delivery costs after you have chosen the payment and delivery method in your shopping cart.

Terms of payment


  • Hardelo Oy is only using common trustworthy and secure payment providers.

  • Hardelo Oy will never save or store any bank account or credit card information.

  • The client agrees to follow the terms and conditions of the chosen payment provider/method.

  • Payment with invoice

    • Payment with invoice is only possible for companies and organizations.

    • The invoice must be paid by the due date.

    • If the invoice is not paid by the due date, the reservation is cancelled and the property/service returns to be listed.

  • Hardelo Oy is not responsible for any failed reservation. The client should be in contact with the service provider specified in the property/service description.


General terms

  • All the prices in the online service include the VAT (value added tax)

  • We use dynamic pricing in properties. The prices depend on the time and can change by monthly/weekly/daily basis.

  • Our products and services are available to be rented/reserved by private customers over 18 years of age and company clients.

  • We reserve rights to price changes.

  • The client is responsible for providing correct contact and other information.

  • Service provider is allowed to use and provide personal register information to direct advertising, telemarketing and other direct marketing as well as to market research or other similar purposes unless the client forbids this. To forbid this, the client can contact the service provider. The contact information is found in the terms and conditions.

  • We reserve rights to change our terms and conditions. The client should always familiarize herself/himself with the current terms and conditions.